Campaign for Sports Cardiology Prevention

If you are a healthy and competitive sports addict or even occasionally you are sure to think in your heart as that essential element to carry it out.

The performance of physical activity or exercise brings undoubted cardiovascular benefits. However, we know that for some people intense sports practice may have an associated risk, as it can progress an unknown latent disease up to this point and at its most dramatic end cause sudden death

Sudden death is cardiac arrest that occurs abruptly, unexpectedly and suddenly in people who appear to be in good health.

It is triggered mainly by a cardiac arrhythmia, such as bradycardia, ventricular tachycardia and, more frequently, by ventricular fibrillation. People who have had a sudden death lose the pulse first, then awareness and the ability to breathe.

With this campaign, we intend to help raise awareness of the need to do sport in a way as healthy as possible by knowing the physical possibilities of our heart and adapt the sport better to our cardiological characteristics. We will discard with this check pathologies of cardiogenic origin.

The price and services will be special for the clubs, sports associations and amateur athletes of the zone.

During 2018 the Special Price for the Sports Cardiological Preventive Check will be 100 €. Shall consist of the following medical services and tests:
  • ● Cardiological recognition and special tests that analyze the Cardiovascular system of the Athlete through:

    • ● Assessment of personal and family cardiac pathology

    • ● Valuation of the sports activity performed.

    • ● Heart auscultation to assess the presence of murmurs (valvular function).

    • ● Blood pressure.

    • ● Resting electrocardiogram to assess arrhythmias and cardiac electrical circuit.

    • ● Doppler-color echocardiography. It is an ultrasound of the heart of high resolution and technical quality that allows us to see if there are structural alterations and how the valves work

    • ● Medical report (written) and advice

    *The athletes that Dr. López Colón deems strictly necessary (in 5% approx) will be advised to perform the ambulatory monitoring "Holter ECG or Voltage (24 h)", tests in which You will be given a 50% reduction of your usual price (50 euros with this discount).

    Why is this checkup important?
    • ● Most cardiac disorders that trigger a fatal event occur without the athlete manifesting symptoms.

    • ● Determine whether there is medical contraindication for physical activity.

    • ● Exclude individuals who may be at risk in certain hazardous sports.

    • ● Know the tolerance of the individual to the effort that will be made.

    Who should attend this consultation?

    This check is especially suitable for:

    • ● People who are first started in sports or who have been inactive for a period of time exceeding one year.

    • ● People who change the type of physical activity they have been practicing on a regular basis, especially if the workload increases.

    • ● Elite athletes

    • ● Amateur athletes, especially those in which their activity is more intense.

    • ● People who leave the physical activity that they were practicing, since this abandonment can cause important changes in their organism.

Doctor Jose Lopez Colon